Impact of Employee Experience during Interview on Offer to Joining Ratio

12 Jul

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While the excess of available opportunities is a major benefit for candidates with professional backgrounds in high demand, it is hurting companies who are hiring. Organizations all over the globe are feeling the weight of talent insufficiency, and are continuously facing challenges for a similar pool. To even get on candidates focus, you need to make diverse ways to reach around them. The realism is if a candidate discards your offer, the whole effort which went behind assessing that candidate goes in vain.

The trademark of a superior recruitment strategy is a talent pipeline filled with competent candidates that you can source from at any time. Building a talent pool you can turn to, instead of waiting for candidates to come to you, can save you precious time, money and resources in the longer run.

However, a talent pipeline if not nurtured will dry up. So rather you must actively work to cultivate it by keeping candidates engaged from the moment they penetrate your pipeline until they are finally hired.

Here are some ways recruiters can increase the offer to joining ratio

  • Improve candidate experience

Right from the first call that a candidate receives from your organization till the offer is released; the entire candidate experience has to be flawless, sound and extremely engaging.

  • Simplify and make the process straightforward

Keep the whole interview process, transparent, faster and effective without any delays. The interview feedback must be given on time, and continuous communication with the candidate needs to be maintained. By eliminating unnecessary steps in your interview processes, you can boost your capacity to hire better talent that too very swiftly.

  • Have trained and qualified interview panel

Train the interview panel and make sure only eligible group is taking interviews. The interview must be engaging, provide clarity of the job role and how that role can benefit the candidate to grow needs be conveyed properly. The interview team must communicate well and provide career development clarity during the interview itself.

  • Create and invest in employer branding

When internal employees and outside people or stakeholders talk good about the organization, there is a high possibility of offered candidate joining. Also, all the company social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor must be updated with good feedbacks. The Google ratings should be focused the most, as the candidate’s do look at these online reviews to take joining decisions.

  • Create a candidate connect

Build a robust model where there is an engagement team who keeps communicating with the offered candidate, and they keep them posted about the newest development of the organization and their achievements. Even HR team can invite them for official functions or organize a coffee meet for certain critical positions involving them with the senior team members of the company to be engaged right from the initial stages.

The HR team can make sure when the candidates move from one city to another city they are making their movement incredibly smooth by proving all the help right from helping them for their kid’s school admission to finding a precise house and the food arrangements. The HR can know their interest and connect them to the right .group of people which can make their transition easy.

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