22 Jun
Building a self-sustained green Recruitment Pipeline

You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world…but it requires people to make that dream a reality”
— Walt Disney

The one sight that is rather common these days is the sight of organizations finding it difficult to hire the right talent. The alarming rate of pandemic spread has caused all the normal means of operations to a near standstill. In fact, with the way things are going, it will be inevitable that in a few months down the line, certain changes would have to be made to the way companies hire and work altogether.

One of the challenges that was difficult to solve were the persisting issues with candidate selection and screening. With the pandemic dominating almost every part of the globe, this challenge is only going to get more exhausting! But, as they say, tough challenges force people to find new ways of going about things. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the strategies that can be used to head-hunt the right people and the correct means of building & sustaining a candidate pipeline.

  • Need to lean on a leaner HR process: Each company will have a different strategy when it comes to controlling their HR based functions. According to Lindsay who is the VP of HR resources at Envoy Global feels that the coming times will require a leaner and cleaner HR approach. The HR team will have to increase their bandwidth by designing new ways to track the performance and appraisals of each team member. It will also mean that most HR professionals will have to concentrate on the budget factor and hire only a limited number of employees who are multi-skilled. Technology will have to be strengthened for carrying out both the hiring and the co-ordination process seamlessly.

  • Remote Hiring and interviewing the digital way: With travel made inaccessible for some time to come, one sector that will have to be strengthened is the connectivity and interviewing techniques. In the era of Zoom and Skype, the HR team will have to be proficient in scheduling and arranging for online interviews. Virtual interviewing will be a new way forward for a long time. This also means that soon the question of a candidate relocating to a new city for a job will cease to exist. HR people can now be open to hiring people and get them to work from remote locations. This eventually means a trimmer package being offered as the person is not required to relocate and hence all extra costs incurred on boarding & lodging can be restricted.

  • Focus on capacity building: Before short listing a candidate it is important to have them take certain online tests to determine their skill sets. Based on their performance and evaluation on those parameters, the organization could proceed to design a new job description for them. One key change that the hiring team will go through is to look for multi-skilled people rather than going for people with specific domains and specialized areas of interest. With the sword of budget cuts hanging almost everywhere, now more than ever is the time to build a pool of people who can bring more to the table.

  • Safety Manual: Going forward safety is going to be the primary concern for all future team members. This is one of the main reasons why as the HR team you will have to take certain steps when it comes to highlighting the steps your organization is taking to ensure overall safety and hygiene. This step will also include additional literature from your end describing the measures & precautions that the organization is taking to create a safe environment. Going forward the company SOPs will have to include all the guidelines keeping in mind the new normal way of living.

This pandemic has brought us all face to face with adversity and that has forced coping mechanisms and innovative ways to be implemented in a digital environment.

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15 Jun
Recruitment Post Covid 19 – A Paradigm Shift!

They say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Over the past few months in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, all industries and sectors have seen a drastic fall in terms of profits and earnings. The global outbreak of the virus which in so many ways was completely unpredictable has caught so many organizations and companies unaware and totally unprepared. It is only natural to have major industries suffering at the brink of the Covid 19 pandemic and several major business functions including the recruitment and the talent acquisition teams have been severely affected as well.

Along with the major pressure of facing the challenges of fighting the pandemic, companies all over are facing a pressure of a different kind – staying afloat and making sure that they are able to keep their team members safe from the wave of downsizing and unemployment. As per the reports obtained at the end of the year 2019, the rate of unemployment was at an all-time low, and in the coming months it is only set to dip a lot more. It is true that this time seems rather challenging, but the one fact is that this is definitely not the end.

Very true to the opening statement of this blog comes the fact that desperate times call for innovative measures. So, for all those organizations that are looking for the right way forward post the Covid 19 turmoil, here is the silver line that you can follow with respect to all your recruitment procedures. There is no denying that post the Covid pandemic once things go back to normal, there would be a certain need to improvise and make changes to the existing recruitment procedure. Here is what your recruitment process should be like in the new normal.

Going Remote: with almost every operation turning to the era of automation, it is only advisable that in the coming time, most of your recruitment processes also be carried out online and through the automated channel. The new normal for all recruitment based drives will soon become a norm. Even before the pandemic struck, most organizations had shifted their recruitment and hiring process online, so if you haven’t yet done that, now will be the right time to do so for sure. With the increased demand for online interviews and screening process going live, as an organization it will be easy for you to understand and implement the online process as well.

Invest in the right automation tool: one of the best investments you can make for your organization in the current time is to invest in the right automation tool. The criteria should be of certain software that will understand the hiring need of your company and give you the desired results in the most economical way possible. The market these days has an abundance of online recruitment software which ultimately helps ease the burden that all the recruiters have. In the long run shifting to the automated module will also help you reduce the cost per hire as well.

Employing people with new skill sets: since the strike of the pandemic all businesses had to learn to work according to the online platform. Even those organizations that did not have a Work from Home plan set up had to train their team to work within the new norms. Going forward most organizations will look to employ a team that is tech friendly and is able to work in a typical WFH setup if the requirement may arise. Since automation is the need of the hour, most recruitment firms will also stress upon the hiring of people who are available online and are well connected. Business models like all other operations will also shift to a more online model for better reach and accessibility.   

The era of multi taskers: efficiency and multi-tasking is the new key attribute that most recruitment personnel will look for. At a time when most companies will be emerging post the pandemic, budget will anyways be a big constraint. One of the biggest changes in the recruitment policies post Covid19 will be that the demand will be high for people who are good at multiple tasks rather than just one skill.

Once companies do emerge post this traumatic phase of Covid19, expect there will be a number of changes that will take place. The first change will be in the way organizations go about their hiring and recruitment procedures. These changes may be drastic, but nonetheless they are changes that will be like first aid to businesses recovering post the covid19 phase, and like they say – Change is the only Constant! 

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