12 Jul
Top Recruitment Challenges to Face in 2019

Getting recruited is harder but recruiting the right talent is hardest. There is substantial competition for recruiting the right talent, and the recruiters need to hire the right talent before they go out of hand with similar opportunities in the job marketplaces. Taking an instance, while dealing with reactive hiring, you won’t be much focusing on the strategic initiatives like the experience of the candidate and the team collaboration.

So all these stuff can create absolute havoc on the hiring plans, and there are so many challenges that the recruiters are facing. Observing this we have come up with the top recruitment challenges that companies will face in the year 2019.

Competition for Talent

There is extreme competition for one job post and in a similar way; there is great competition for talent too. It has become hard for companies to find a hardworking and talented employee. The competitors are eyeing for the talented ones too, and you should make sure that you get your hands on the right candidates before anyone else cashes in on the opportunity.

The right candidates never look out for jobs, so you need to chase and follow up with them. The latest AI technology-based personalized emails have increased the candidate responses from 21 to 42 percent which can help you with the automated follow-ups.

Slowing Down the Hiring Process

The manual hiring process is tedious and will consume a lot of time. This increases the time to hire, and candidates will drop out of the process and go for any other job offer that they get in the meanwhile.

To avoid such slow recruitment process, you can use modern technologies. This will boost the recruiter productivity and standardizes the interview guidelines. When you use the latest HR-related software and other advanced technologies to get the things done, you will be able to decrease the recruitment time than usual, and the output increases too. As an outcome, the entire hiring process will become mechanized and more efficient.

Poor Experience for Candidates

The recruiters spend too much time taking care of the menial tasks, and they sideline the other important issues. The qualified candidates will drop out of your recruiting process and decline your offers if you do not give them proper attention. You have to keep the best talent to feel valued all the time and need to pay equal consideration to them.

In order to provide a better experience to the candidates, you have to gather feedback from them. This way you will be able to learn the areas where you have to improve and further enhance the recruitment process. If you increase your productivity the candidate’s experience will also become superior.

Further, using HR software to take care of scheduling and automating the recruitment processes surely assists an organization. If you take out small tasks from your plate, you will be able to spend more time in improvising the candidate’s experience. There are plethoras of recruitment methodologies Hiringlink Solutions can help you with that you can use in order to provide a better candidate experience.

Key Takeaways

At Hiringlink Solutions, we are a privately held organization focused on Executive Search. Over the years we have been one of the ideal recruitment partners to leading Indian companies and multinational organizations. Even we agree that hiring has become tough for the recruiters, and it is sure that it won’t get any more comfortable in the future.

So, you should plan everything in advance so that you can hit your company’s goals with ease. Just put in some extra efforts, take the help of the latest technology and fresh recruitment approaches to make the hiring process completely trouble-free. And you can contact us anytime if you require any of the recruitment assistance.