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18 Jul

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Up until a few months back, most companies and organizations had never imagined a phase of telecommuting and working from home. However, with the unprecedented spread and reach of the Coronavirus pandemic, most established names and industries were forced to restructure their operations. As globally people enter the 4th month of being trapped at home, the new normal will require an overall change in almost every aspect of work. 

One of the major challenges will be faced by the HR team when it comes to hiring candidates through a remote interview process. Irrespective of the fact of how cumbersome this entire process will be, the reality is that going forward as the economies open, remote recruiting is something that will have to be followed. This blog will speak of all the tips and pointers that you will need to focus on while devising your remote hiring strategies. 

The many How’s of Remote Hiring

  • Accurate and Engaging job posts: The reality post the pandemic will be a large surge in people looking for jobs. At times like this when the demand is more, as an HR recruiter, it will be critically important in how you put out job posts. Everything that you mention needs to give a clear message of the job requirement and the overall roles and responsibilities. Make sure that when you schedule any job post on the digital platform it is clear, concise, and attractive. Everything that you post needs to be self-explanatory and easy to understand. 

  • Ensure that your interviews are structured: With every job post you put there will be tons of candidates who will apply. Never has it been more important to invest in the right applicant tracking system that can help you screen the candidates and shortlist only those who match the bill completely. A lot of thought will need to be put into streamlining the remote interviewing process, which is why is it important to chalk out all the phases well in advance. 

  • Rely on automated scheduling to reduce errors: There would be times when you get 2 to 3 good candidates for the same position. Rather than giving scope to human errors in giving a time slot for their virtual interview, it will be a good idea to use a tool that automates all the scheduling so that everything is in place and organized. While doing so it is equally important to use a tool that is user friendly and that most of your candidates will have access to. 

  • Have in place test assignments to rate their knowledge and skills: With a face to face interview it is easy to assess and determine the skills and knowledge of a candidate. However, the one thing that becomes a bit challenging in remote recruitment is determining the skills. With various platforms like LinkedIn also paving the way to short skill-based assessments, as an HR person who can have in place a few assignments and tests that the candidates can give to ascertain their knowledge and understanding. 

  • Ensure employee engagement even remotely: It is easy to do most of the steps mentioned above, however, the one big issue comes when the number of candidates who apply is in hundreds. Even via the process of remote recruitment, as an HR professional, it is important to make sure that all those candidates who you shortlist or approach are given a feedback and are told the status of their candidature. Let them feel valued. Each candidate also gives their time and efforts in giving the interview and going through a series of tests and assignments and becomes very important to make sure that they are given the update of their results. Let it not become a practice where your remote recruitment process becomes such that is out of sight and out of touch. 

Remote recruitment may seem like a challenge initially, but it is essential to understand that the more you spend time in strengthening the process and improving it, the easier and more efficient it will get. With the future still being very hazy post the pandemic scare, it is truly the fittest and most flexible operations that will see the light of the day. 

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